Media Relations

The media can seem daunting and bamboozling to people who don't know how it works. Few people know more about the media than Michael Smith, with more than 45 years experience. Inside Public Relations can promise you a fair go in the media - nothing more and nothing less. Inside Public Relations can identify your story and target it to the most appropriate area of the media.

Media Training

No tricks, no gimmicks - just some ground rules and training to help you get your message across to the media, saving you and journalists a lot of wasted time, frustration and misunderstandings.


Samuel Johnson said almost 250 years ago that knowledge is of two kinds - a subject that we know about, or a subject we know where we can find information about. Nothing has changed. Inside Public Relations is expert on finding out information quickly on any subject. The directors have spent decades discovering facts on tight deadlines.


One of the ironies of the communications age is that while technology has increased the amount of information available, the quality and power of much human communication has diminished. Inside Public Relations can add impact to your communications, whether it be a letter, a report, a speech or a presentation. Your ideas are worthless unless they can be communicated effectively.

Issues Management

Manage your issue before it becomes a crisis. An issue is far easier and less expensive to manage than a crisis. The independent, outside perspective of Inside Public Relations - with its deep experience in politics, community relations and media - can help you manage an issue effectively before it gets out of control.

Litigation PR

Inside Public Relations has worked for more than 50 solicitors, barristers and law firms to help them and their clients get their message across on legal issues. This requires deep practical knowledge of publication law, the media and how the court system works.

Community Relations

Providing feedback to your stakeholders is of fundamental importance. The feedback can be through web sites, brochures, newsletters, mailouts and letters. Inside Public Relations has also chaired public meetings where there have been issues affecting the community at large. Getting the right messages across and consulting with the community at large is critical to achieving the best goals and outcomes.